Makaron Wśmienity DURUM 100%

Makaron Wyśmienity Durum – Pasta prepared in 100% from durum wheat flour, thanks to which it retains its shape and elasticity after preparation. Recommended as an obligatory item in every kitchen.

Pasta Di Sella

Di Sella pasta – This pasta is made from a selected blend of high quality flour. Thanks to the use of high quality products and many years of work, we have managed to maintain elasticity and guarantee excellent taste qualities. See how this pasta tastes.

Al Dente

 Pasta Al Dente – “Al dente” means a perfect dish, slightly elastic… in a one word the best pasta. The recipe, perfected over the years, makes this pasta suitable for cooking. It combines the perfect taste with a unique style.

Makaron Pasta Tommaso

Pasta Tommaso – The perfect pasta for a family meal. Thanks to 30 years of experience of the company and the use of natural ingredients, we create only high-quality original and tasty pastas, which our faithful customers appreciate. The recipe guarantees elasticity and full flavor, and the variety of forms makes it suitable for every dish.


Doro pasta – One of many recipes of the company, developed in connection with the company’s expansion into new markets. Delicate changes in the proportion of visual components give our clients even greater possibilities to match the pasta to their individual needs or tastes.


Grande Pasta – Pasta complements the range of products for demanding customers who appreciate the possibility of choosing many variants of your favorite product. Perfectly matched proportions of flour by our technologists meet the expectations of customers.

Firma Rodzinna

Makaron Firma Rodzinna – highlights the previously defined succession plans. Perfect for a family dinner, both holiday and everyday. Prepared from high-quality ingredients. Balanced so that with its use you can prepare a wide range of delicious dishes. A company recipe perceived as a mandatory position in the kitchen of every good housekeeper.


Pasta Wyśmienity Biały – Pasta, which is made from a recipe unchanged for decades. Produced from Polish flour. It guarantees great taste and very good culinary properties. Perfect for connoisseurs and people who value the taste of pasta.

Pełne ziarno

Pasta Full grain – for production, whole grain flour was used, which, as generally available scientific information indicates – after ingestion we deliver more fiber to the body compared to pasta from “ordinary flour”. Preparation of wholemeal pasta, it does not take much more time … it looks aesthetic and appetizing.